Exclusive Coin Sets

Our Exclusive Coins Sets are put together to mark historic occasions.

These beautiful sets are highly collectable and an excellent way to invest in physical gold and silver. Many are also exempt from capital gains tax and can enhance your financial position, making them a wise investment for all levels of private collectors who are looking to expand their portfolio with collectable English coins.

You may be wondering are commemorative coins valuable and the answer to this is, yes! Of course, the level of value depends on the commemorative coins in which you invest. The financial value of commemorative coin sets is usually determined by their gold or silver content and rarity. Generally, more modern uncirculated commemorative coins are less financially valuable and are far more popular with collectors, as a keepsake of special or significant historical moments in time. We have a range of British coin sets for sale and coin sets to collect, including the British Shield coin set and WWI commemorative coins. Browse our range of commemorative gold coins for sale below.

If you would like more information on the investment opportunities, grades and value of these or any other coins, the Exclusive Coins Blog contains information and advice, or you can contact us and the team will be happy to answer any questions you have.