• George V World War I Three Coin Collection

George V World War I Three Coin Collection

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George V World War I Three Coin Collection

This remarkably rare set contains three coins.

The first is the George V 1914 Gold Sovereign, a coin representing the beginning of WWI. The second, the George V 1918 Gold Sovereign, represents the end of WWI. The third aptly completes the set with a magnificent commemorative Gold Plated coin.

Both sovereigns are struck in 22 carat gold and are hand selected, thus ensuring a quality grade.

Presented extremely popular with our customers. Demand is expected to increase substantially over the coming years. Please note: Despite the set not having been officially released by the Royal Mint, these coins are often purchased together and so we decided to create this set to provide a complete offering.

George V 1914 Gold Sovereign & George V 1918 Gold Sovereign: in an official Lighthouse mahogany effect collector’s box, featuring a black mock-velour interior, this stunning set makes an impressive addition to any coin collection and has proven.


  • 22-carat gold
  • Weight 7.98 grams
  • 22mm in diameter
  • Gold Plated commemorative coin
  • Limited Set Issues