RAF Centenary F-35 Lightning II 2018 UK £2 Gold Proof Coin

RAF Centenary F-35 Lightning II 2018 UK £2 Gold Proof Coin

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The Royal Mint commemorates 100 years of the RAF.

Limited Issue: 1000

This is the final in the five-coin limited edition RAF Centenary collection from the Royal Mint to mark the centenary anniversary of the Royal Air Force. The reverse design by Rhys Morgan shows the fighter with the inscription RAF 1918-2018 Lightning II.

Like the Spitfire at its conception, the F-35 Lightning II is the pinnacle of modern-day aerospace engineering and has been chosen for the fifth coin in this iconic centenary collection as it represents the future of the RAF.

F-35 Lightning II

The F-35 is part of a family of single-seater, all weather stealth multirole combat jets designed for ground attack and air superiority missions. There are three versions of the F-35 which allow for conventional take-off and landing, short take-off and vertical landings and catapult assisted take off and arrested recovery meaning the aircraft could be assigned to all terrains including aircraft carrier service.

The aircraft came into service in 2016 and there have been 400 produced, with the US being the primary source of funding for ongoing development and additional funding coming from all NATO member countries including the United Kingdom. To date, the F-35 Lightning II program became the largest and most expensive military program ever – with costs running into trillions of US Dollars.

At present, the fleet of 400 delivered aircraft are piloted by more than 800 service personnel stationed at 17 bases worldwide from the finest air forces in the world.

The F-35 Lightning II has over 200,000 flight hours and globally, a team of over 7,500 personnel maintain the 400 aircraft. Globally, over 1500 suppliers produce components and assembly service for the aircraft and the total economic impact of the program is estimated to be over $44 billion.

The RAF Centenary Collection

As part of the RAF100 celebrations, the Royal Mint united with the Royal Air Force (RAF) to mark 100 years of service. For the centenary anniversary, five official UK £2 coins have been struck in recognition of the brave men and women of the RAF and to celebrate the most iconic aircraft in the world. The collection is officially licensed by the Royal Air Force and the only coins struck to mark the 100th anniversary.

RAF Centenary F-35 Lightning II 2018 UK £2 Gold Proof Coin Specification

  • Denomination: £2
  • Quality: Proof
  • Country of issue: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 2018
  • Composition: Gold
  • Weight: 15.97g
  • Diameter: 28.40mm
  • Reverse designer: Rhys Morgan
  • Obverse designer: Jody Clark

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