Gold Coin Collections

Each year The Royal Mint produce a precious fusion of meticulous design, traditional craftsmanship, and profound historical significance. The Gold Sovereign Collection has become securely held as one of Britain’s most illustrious gold coin sets, widely considered The Royal Mint’s flagship.

Struck in 22-carat gold and admiringly crafted, each annual gold sovereign. Gold proof sovereign value and gold coin proof set prices rise significantly over time, particularly as these sets become increasingly rare. This makes gold proof coins an extremely wise investment in addition to being a prized historical collector’s piece and indeed, the gold

bullion coins proof set is greatly sought after by coin collectors and dealers around the globe.

Explore the range of gold coin sets for sale. From the 1980 gold proof sovereign proof set and the 1989 gold proof sovereign 3 coin set to the 2002 gold proof sovereign set and the 2017 gold proof sovereign set, we stock a wide selection of gold proof coin sets, destined to make a delightful addition to any old coin collection.