Before Sending Your Coins

Before sending any coins to us, please email us detailed high-resolution pictures to from here we can arrange the sale of your coins.

The following coins listed, we do not purchase: - (coins that have been passed through the change in general circulation)

  • One Pound Coins (£1)
  • Two Pound Coins (£2)
  • Twenty Pence Coins (20p)
  • Fifty Pence Coins (50p)

We are also not currently purchasing

  • Old pennies
  • Halfpennies
  • Any copper coins
  • Cupro-nickel coins dated from 1946 or later.

Should my old coins be cleaned before sending?

Never clean your rare or collectable coins! Cleaning them will immediately reduce their value substantially. Believe us, they are worth more in their current state!

Sending your coins

We recommend that you send your coins by post using Royal Mail Special Insured Delivery - It is prompt, secure and reliable.

Insurance can be purchased for up to £2,500 for each packet at a cost of approximately £7.25. If your collection is worth substantially more, we advise you to send it in 2 or more individually insured packets.

We will receive your packet by 1 pm the next day & sign the receipt directly. We will also phone you immediately to confirm our receipt and your arranged payment.

Please include your telephone number in each parcel and the name to which we should contact to arrange payment. 

Address Information

PO Box 257