Limited Edition

Many limited edition coins with a low mintage or a historical or collectable significance can be extremely difficult to come by as many end up in private collections and are treasured as either family heirlooms or held as part of an investment portfolio. This inevitably means when they do come onto the market, the demand is high and the opportunity to acquire such items can be challenging when they are often holy-grail coins in high demand.

At Exclusive Coins, we are privileged to have a large and distinguished clientele and our position in the market often allows us to know when these limited editions become available and we can work with both buyers and sellers to facilitate successful acquisitions. We can also advise when new issues from The Royal Mint will become available, and with many limited mintage coins reserved prior to release - and with the majority finding their way into private collections - we can help advise you on continuing to advance your portfolio and ensure you do not miss out on limited mintage issues. Contact us to find out how Exclusive Coins can help you.

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