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Coin values in the UK can vary enormously which is why investing in a knowledgeable British Coin Value Book in addition to your coins can help you to accurately determine each old coin’s value, providing you with a clearer overview of how much your cherished coin collection may be worth.

In our exclusive collection of Coin Books and Guides, you will find the latest releases from best-selling authors, including our popular UK coin values coin price guide. Essential guides for numismatists, coin dealers, private coin collectors and investors, these insightful guides detail coins from Gothic to today, accurate valuations based on current market value, and important information that could help you strengthen your financial position with collectable gold coins

Our UK coin collection value guide also makes a delightful gift for any enthusiastic coin collectors or numismatists or anyone interested in discovering if their rare coins have value. If you have any questions about our books, coin stocks or are looking to sell coins, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.