The 1000th Coronation of King Canute 2017 £5 Proof Silver Coin

The 1000th Coronation of King Canute 2017 £5 Proof Silver Coin

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This is the first, and the only coin to commemorate the 1017 Coronation of King Canute – and the first time The Royal Mint has commemorated a 1,000-year anniversary on a coin.

Struck in sterling silver to Proof standard, this limited-edition presentation of 3000 coins is issued with a presentation box and certificate of authenticity from The Royal Mint.

The obverse design is Jody Clark's fifth portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. On the reverse is a design of King Canute by Lee R Jones with the inscription ‘1017 King Canute 2017’.

King Canute

In 1017, Canute was crowned King of England. As a Viking ruler, and later accession to the Danish thrown bought the crowns of Denmark and England together, and he was able to protect England from the devastating Viking raids which had reigned down on the kingdom for a century. 

Later crowned King of Norway following a decade of conflict with Scandinavian opponents, he ruled over the North Sea Empire as a peaceful, Christian King, He united the nations he ruled through bonds of wealth, custom and brutality and opened up maritime trade links to create the foundations of Britain we know today. 

In a letter written for his subjects, he declared himself “King of all England, and Denmark and the Norwegians and some of the Swedes”. While he held the city of Sigtuna, there is no record of his occupation in Sweden, however, coins calling him King were struck there

A description of King Canute, or Cnut or Knut as he was also known, appears in the Knýtlinga saga from the 13th-century:

Knut was exceptionally tall and strong, and the most handsome of men, all except for his nose, that was thin, high-set, and somewhat hooked. He had a fair complexion none-the-less and a fine, thick head of hair. His eyes were better than those of other men, both the handsomer and the keener of their sight.

King Canute died in 1035 in Shaftesbury, England. He was buried in Old Minster, Winchester and his bones now lie in Winchester Cathedral. 

Given its unique nature of being the first 1,000-anniversary commemorative coin from The Royal Mint and its limited mintage of just 3000 coins, this is a much-sought-after £5 coin amongst collectors of royal and limited-editions.

The 1000th Coronation of King Canute 2017 £5 Proof Silver Coin Specification

  • Denomination: £5
  • Quality: Proof
  • Country of issue: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 2017
  • Composition: .925 Silver
  •  Weight: 28.28g
  • Diameter: 38.61mm
  • Reverse designer: Lee R Jones
  • Obverse designer: Jody Clark

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