The Black Bull of Clarence 2018 UK One-Ounce Gold Proof Coin

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Limited-edition Presentation: only 400 coins issued and 95% reserve with the Royal Mint

Add to your collection of Queen’s Beasts with the fourth coin issued in this collection, finished to proof standard and presented in a Royal Mint display case. The Lion, Unicorn, and Dragon are already sold out completely with the Royal Mint and 95% of this issue are already reserved so purchase your coin today and avoid disappointment.

The impressive bull illustration is the powerful work of designer Jody Clark. The bull has long been associated with strength and power and has appeared on the Royal Arms and on coins dating back to the fifteenth century when Edward IV became the first Yorkist King of England.

The Queen’s Beasts

At the 1953 coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, ten ancestral beasts each standing six feet tall guarded Westminster Abbey sculpted by James Woodford RA.

A Lion, a Griffin, a Falcon, a Bull, a Yale, a Greyhound, a Dragon, a Unicorn and a Horse were bought together to symbolise the strands and legacies of royal ancestries as a new princess is crowned Queen. Each proud beast has been used as a heraldic badge by generations of monarchs that ruled before her.

Inspiration was taken from the Kings Beasts of Henry VIII’s who still line the bridge over the moat of Hampton Court Palace.

The original Queen’s Beasts can now be seen at the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec, but stone replicas carved by the original sculptor James Woodford now watch over Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

The Royal Mint has celebrated these symbols of heraldry since 2017 and the sixth coin release in the series is the mythical Yale of Beaufort. The yale follows the Red Dragon of Wales and the Black Bull of Clarence which were released in 2018, the 65th anniversary of the coronation of The Queen.

The Black Bull of Clarence 2018 UK One-Ounce Gold Proof Coin Specifications

  • Denomination: £100
  • Quality: Proof
  • Country of issue: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 2018
  • Composition: Gold
  • Weight: 31.21g
  • Diameter: 32.69mm
  • Reverse designer: Jody Clark
  •  Obverse designer: Jody Clark