Rare Coins In The News. Are your 50p coins worth money?

Every day we receive calls from customers asking about rare 50p coins. The news is full of incorrect information aimed at giving the reader the wrong idea. The Royal Mint has produced hundreds of collectable 50p coins over the years but not all them are rare coins UK. We always tell callers that collectable does not mean rare.

So what makes a coin rare?

One of the rarest coins in daily circulation is the 2011 Aquatic Olympic 50p coin. This valuable 50p know by many as it had to be remodelled after the original image was not quite right. Criticised for not being very clear.  Rare 50p coins like this will set you back a pretty penny! Some original examples can fetch up to £1000.00, so if you have one in your change, it is worth hanging onto. 

Another rare 50p coin UK is the original the Kew Gardens 50p.  
Only 210,000 Cupro-nickel 50 pence coins exist with the Kew Gardens design. Issued in 2009 to celebrate 250 years of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Rare coin collectors are willing to pay up to £120.00 for this rare coin.  12,000% increase not bad huh!