2021 Spink Coins of England book Pre-decimal Edition

  • 2021 Spink Coins of England book
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The 2021 Spink Coins of England book that covers every significant coin type from early Celtic coins to decimalisation in 1971.

This well-written coin book is by Emma Howard and offers detailed illustrations showing old coins of England and the United Kingdom.

Considered the UK's #1 reference guide for British coins that includes essential information for beginners but also provides more in-depth material for coins collectors and coin dealers.

There are two copies available to purchase, the Pre-decimal hardback Issue and the thinner paperback Post-decimal issue

Each edition has accurate coin values that reflect the current market conditions on all rare coins of England.

Much like the previous, this year the books have been released individually and sold separately.

We are offering free Postage on all our 2021 coin books.