Five-Coin 2020 Gold Proof Collection by The Royal Mint

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This Five-Coin 2020 Gold Proof Collection gives the unique opportunity to own the Five Pound piece or £5 – which is unavailable on its own or in any other collection. 

There are a total of five editions of the 2020 Sovereign within the set, each featuring Pistucci's St George and the dragon design.

With a  limited-edition presentation of only 500, this is the ultimate set for anyone looking to add to their Gold Proof Collection.

Interestingly, this set also celebrates the 200th anniversary of the striking of the first modern Double-Sovereign and Five-Sovereign pieces in 1820. 

The reverse of this year's 2020 gold sovereign has been digitally remastered from an original tooling by Benedetto Pistrucci, which is more than 200 years old. The digital remastering ensures a crisp and accurate recreation of this classic St George and the dragon design. The design was created in 1816 in preparation for the Royal Mints relaunch of the Sovereign coins two years later.

The obverse features the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and designed by the Royal Mints Jody Clark. A standard design that is often seen on the new sovereigns.

Five-Coin 2020 Gold Proof Collection Specification

  • Quality: Proof
  • Country of issue: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 2020
  • Composition: 22 Carat Gold 
  • Total Weight: 69.89g
  • Reverse designer: Benedetto Pistrucci
  • Obverse Designer: Jody Clark