1957 Gold Sovereign

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The 1957 Gold Sovereign a popular choice for coin collecting as this is the first Sovereign coin to be used for general circulation during Queen Elizabeth II reign. 

It is wise to note that the first Sovereign to be struck during Queen Elizabeth II reign was a Proof coin dated 1953. It is said that there were only a few of these made, and they were held for National collections.

The front of the coin, known as the "obverse," was designed by Mary Gillick, and the reverse is Benedetto Pistrucci's famous Saint George and the Dragon. 

Hand-selected to ensure a coin grade of EF or better. 

1957 Gold Sovereign Specification

  • Quality Finish: Bullion
  • Mintage Figure: 2,072,00
  • Alloy: 22ct Gold
  • Total Weight: 7.98 grams
  • Coin Diameter: 22mm in diameter.