1509-26 Gold Angel | Henry VIII | NCG AU 58

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The 1509-26 Gold Angel, also known as the Henry VIII Gold Angel, is a historic and highly sought-after coin that was minted during the reign of King Henry VIII of England. This particular gold coin was issued between 1509 and 1526, encompassing the early years of Henry VIII's reign.

The coin's design features a magnificent portrayal of an angel, hence the name "Gold Angel." The angel is depicted with outstretched wings and holds a shield with the royal arms of England. The obverse side of the coin showcases the bust of King Henry VIII, highlighting his regal stature and authority.

Crafted from 22-carat gold, the 1509-26 Gold Angel is known for its exceptional quality and fine details. It has a weight of approximately 5.1 grams and a diameter of around 28 millimeters, making it a substantial coin for its time.

Due to its historical significance and the association with one of England's most iconic monarchs, the 1509-26 Gold Angel holds considerable value among collectors and numismatists. Its rarity, artistic craftsmanship, and connection to King Henry VIII make it a prized piece for those interested in medieval and Tudor-era coinage.